How to Choose the Ideal Sewing Machine Part 2

Brother XN1700 Sewing Machine

A great machine for beginners with a number of features similar to the JL111 but with the benefit of a top-loading bobbin with a transparent cover, a zip foot, and additional stitch styles from which to choose. It comes with a simple set-up, is easy to grasp and thread, and stitches smoothly. A particularly great feature for beginners is the automatic thread tension, as is the base that reveals the ‘free-arm’ that’s useful for sewing trouser hems and cuffs. However, it doesn’t feel as substantial as other machines on this list and it doesn’t handle thick fabrics well, so if you’re planning on sewing home decoration such as curtains, you should keep looking.

Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

This is a strong machine that’s more than capable of handling heavier upholstery fabrics, vinyl, leather, and denim. It’s a great choice if you plan on largely sewing home decoration pieces. It provides a smooth stitch and it can still be used for lightweight and delicate fabrics, although it does sew fast, which might deter those starting out looking to try their hand at more advanced projects. Other Singer models appropriate for beginners can be a bit flimsy, so the metal frame and components with this particular model are a definite plus, as is the quality of stitch and the ease of use.

Bernina 330 Sewing Machine

This is one of Bernina’s starter models, and while it’s a costly beginner machine, it’s more than worth it when considering reliability, which should endure a lifetime. In fact, many professional stitchers will only consider Bernina. This model is less complicated than some of the other computerised sewing machines and sews fabrics such as thick wool and fine skins both accurately and smoothly.

One of the best features is the memory function that allows you to save your most often used or favoured stitch combinations so that they can be accessed with just a single touch of a button. It can sew an automatic buttonhole with superb quality and is simple to thread, although additional accessories and feet can be costly.

Toyota Oekaki Renaissance Sewing Machine

If you have big dreams of a sewing career, this machine will be there for you the whole way. It comes with numerous features, along with 50 stitch options. If you’re interested in machine embroidery, you’ll love the Oekaki mode, which allows you to control the stitch width by using the foot pedal. The machine is fully capable of handling thick fabric; even 12 layers of denim with thick thread. Its shape is unique, and its clever design allows storage for the foot pedal.

Out of all these great models, the one that really stands out if you want a straightforward yet strong all-round sewing machine that isn’t too basic yet not too complex, either, is the Janome 725S. It’s a great machine that will last and that will serve you well. Of course, any of the machines on this list would make a great choice.