Easy Sewing Projects for Absolute Beginners

So, you just got a sewing machine and can’t stop fantasizing about filling your closet with your own amazing creations. Good! Motivation is key when it comes to sewing, but, of course, you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk.  The last thing you’ll want to do is take up too much at once at the beginning. You’ll end up feeling buried in fabric and frustrated about your lack of progress. It’s best to tackle something easy at first, and gradually work towards more ambitious projects. Luckily for you, there are 2 sewing ideas any beginner can easily learn to master:

Tote bag

Everyone loves tote bags, whether they’re plain ones or cute ones with intricate patterns and designs. They’ve basically become must-have items in every household. And since it’s mostly straight lines and a simple pattern, is also one of the easiest pieces you can sew. All you need is fabric canvas for the tote bag. A ruler and coloured tape to help you make your lines as straight as possible. A couple of pins. Your favourite pair of dressmaker scissors. And, of course, your sewing machine.

For the bottom of your bag, you’ll need 2 pieces, each 17×8 inches. For the top of the bag, you’ll need 2 more pieces, each 17×12 inches. Finally, for your straps, you’ll need to cut 2 pieces, each of 31×4.  Then you’ll place the top fabric on the bottom fabric making sure the right sides are together before you sew them. After you’re done with both side, make sure to iron the seam until it’s flat. And turn them inside out. For the straps, take your pieces, fold them in half so that they are long and thin, and sew up. Then turn them inside out as well. Place them on the inside of the back with the right side up and sew them in place. Iron the whole piece one last time and you’re ready!

iPad Sleeve

iPad sleeves tend to either be too serious or too childlike. If you want something that falls in the middle, chances are you’ll have to make them yourself. Fortunately, it won’t be that hard! What you’ll need for this one is two fabrics that look well together, get ½ yard of each, and a piece of Velcro and you’re good to go.  For each fabric, you’ll need to cut two pieces: one that is 9×11 inches, and one that is 9×15 inches. Then you need to decide which fabric you want on the inside of the sleeve and which one will go on the outside. Once you’ve decided, put them all inside out and pin together the inside pieces separately from the outside pieces.

For the Velcro, you’re better off placing one on the 9×11 inch external piece and the other one on the inside of the 9×15 internal piece. Just make sure they match when the flap of the 9×15 is folded. Before you sew anything, you’ll need to pin these pieces together and iron them. Afterwards, sew each set together. Iron everything one last time and then put the outside fabric the right side out and place it in the inside fabric and sew them again. Turn the entire piece the right side out and stuck your iPad in, because you’re ready!