Easy Fabric Flowers to DIY at Home

Fabric flowers are an easy and beautiful way to embellish or give an extra feminine touch to an outfit or any crafting project. There are easy to make and look fabulous as fashion accessories, part of a wedding bouquet or a nice detail of home decor. They don’t require any extra materials and is a good activity to share with the young ladies at home, you only need some strips or scraps of fabric any leftover material from previous projects, a needle, some threads and a lot of imagination.

Flowers from old clothes

Take that old sweater, shirt, scarf… Basically, any clothes that have been forgotten at the bottom of your closet. Then, cut off a section about 4-5 inches of the fabric, the wide of the sleeves are perfect but if it’s any other piece of clothes is better to cut strips of about 10-12 inches long. Anyway, you’ll have a lot of fabric to work, save the scraps for future projects.

Now, let’s get the ball rolling! First, we make the standard procedure of double threading a regular sewing needle and tying a knot at the end, -starting with the basics-, now you have to fold the fabric round in half, right sides out. You can use pins to mark ¼ along the bottom of the fabric around, then just hand sew the strip using a basting stitch, and making sure to catch both layers.

Pull the thread while you sew, it will be much easier to gather. When you have all the basting complete, tie a knot to secure your work and flip it over, now embellish the centre of your flower however you want. You can use another flower from a different fabric, buttons, beads, rhinestones, the options are endless!

Pretty Basic Fabric Flower

Pick any cute fabric; to give some dimension you can use two types. Also get hot glue gun ready, along with some thread and needle, iron press, a little patch of felt, your scissors and some decorations. Follow this tutorial and you’ll see how easy it is to create beautiful fabric flowers. You can use your flowers to create headbands, earrings, hair clips, pins and even details to decorate your baby’s room. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Beautiful felt roses

These ones are a little more complicated but they’re absolutely fabulous. You only need a felt sheet of about 9 to 12 inches for each flower, scissors, needle and thread, the patterns of the flowers and a hot glue gun. First, use the pattern to cut off the petals -you’ll find 4 pattern options in the previous link-, if you want big and leafy flowers use two layers of felt cutted as the first pattern sheet and one layer of the second pattern sheet, that will be the inner piece of the rose.

Now that you have cut your pieces of felt and it’s all set to assemble, you are free to begin. You can use your hot glue gun or sew the fabric, but if you want the roses to decorate clothes or any items that you’ll be washing, is better to sew them in place. Remember that your imagination is the limit and you can experiment decorate with DIY fabric flowers with all kind of materials available at home.