Closet Revival: Restoring Old Clothes with New Threads

We all have clothes that don’t work for us anymore, maybe they’re too old, too big, too small, or they just don’t fit at all anymore. All they’re doing is accumulating dust in the closet… But in our heads, they’re still precious and full of wonderful memories so we can’t throw them out or even give them away.

Well, there’s no need to bury them in the depths of our closet either, because maybe with a little input here and there, we can bring them back to life and make them look like designer items!

Colour Refreshment

Sometimes the only bad thing with a piece of clothing, like a sundress or a perfect pair of work pants, is that the colour vanishes a little over time, or due to the use of bleach-based detergent. It happens all the time, colours change, white clothes become yellowish, pastel colors end up ruined by a rebel stain, even blacks end up lacklustre and greyish.  A practical way to undo this is to simply try to imitate their previous glory days with clothing dye.

Another great solution would be changing its colours completely. To do so, follow this tutorial, so you dye the shirt or dress in the most fabulous way possible. Just bear in mind that you’ll need clothing dye, a pair of gloves and plastic sheets to protect the surface you’ll be working on. It can get messy.

Go 100% Romantic

You can use lace from an old piece of lingerie to craft beautiful pieces for a romantic look, creating some draping with lace layers or sewing small details to create a new dimension to your garments or even make lace boot socks, it’s all in the details. Even the most basic white tee can look like you got it straight from the runaway, all that’s needed is a little lace and lots of imagination.

Don’t be Scared of Bows

Bows are a cool and easy way to bring an old shirt or sweater back to life, just follow these steps to transform that old-looking sweater into a fine, fashionable and feminine garment. Find ribbons with matching colours and voilá! You’ll have a brand new sweater!

How cool is that?

A perfect way to cover a stubborn stain? Just grab some ribbons (again, in a colour matching the fabric) turn them into bows and put them above any imperfections or stains on your favourite item. Use your imagination to create a balanced composition and save your clothes.

Add Some Glam to your Collars

This is a wonderful idea for that collar shirt that looks dull and boring. Find rhinestones, pearls, beads, sequins… Any little accessory that you can easily sew by hand. You can create patterns or just sew some beads here and there for a little touch. This embroidery also works on shoulders and cuffs of boring knitted sweaters. It really adds an interesting touch to an otherwise basic collar.

Summer T-shirts

Do you feel like you have at least one hundred thousand t-shirts piling up in your room, just waiting to become an avalanche of clothes ready to bury any unsuspecting passers-by? Well, there was a trend back in 2014 that is as valid today, as before: transforming a boring t-shirt into a cool (and fresh) looking summer t-shirt. How do you do that? The process might seem intimidating, but in fact, it’s pretty easy and doable. Just grab a pair of scissors, needle and thread and you’ll almost be ready to go, a couple of cuts here, a stitch over there and there you have it.