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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Learning to Sew with Patterns

When you see a beautiful dress that cascades perfectly off the body and sets off the figure while showing the best attributes of the model, you can be certain there’s a well-made pattern behind it. That means every piece of the garment was traced on paperboard like a template, before being cut out on fabric […]

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Hand Sewing 101: The Stitches That Everybody Needs to Know

A few decades ago knowing your way around a sewing kit was a must for almost anyone. Hand sewing was a form of art. But nowadays is a rare talent. It’s really a shame since having sewing skills can really save a lot of money on clothes and repairs, plus is a really fun hobby. […]

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Easy Fabric Flowers to DIY at Home

Fabric flowers are an easy and beautiful way to embellish or give an extra feminine touch to an outfit or any crafting project. There are easy to make and look fabulous as fashion accessories, part of a wedding bouquet or a nice detail of home decor. They don’t require any extra materials and is a […]

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