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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Closet Revival: Restoring Old Clothes with New Threads

We all have clothes that don’t work for us anymore, maybe they’re too old, too big, too small, or they just don’t fit at all anymore. All they’re doing is accumulating dust in the closet… But in our heads, they’re still precious and full of wonderful memories so we can’t throw them out or even […]

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Easy to Follow Tips for New Quilters

There’s one very important thing new quilters forget about, and that is how to make a project fun and pain-free. If you get too caught up in wanting to master the most intricate patterns way too soon, there’s no way you’ll enjoy this new hobby. If you really want to make quilting a part of […]

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Essential Sewing Pins You Need to Know

Sewing machines get all the glory, but there’s another tool that is just as important and ubiquitous in every seamster’s career: the sewing pin. These tiny needles are the underrated stars of any sewing project.Know When to Switch Your Pins Before you sew any parts together, you will be holding the fabric down with sewing […]

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